Mimaki CF2 series flatbed cutter

The Mimaki CF2 series cuts a wide range of media using a variety of heads and blades. The heads can be equipped with a tangential cutter, reciprocal cutter, marking gauge roller and swivel cutter, depending on the material that needs to be cut. Two machine sizes are available: CF2-0912 (90 x 120 cm) and CF2-1218 (120 x 180 cm).

Mimaki CF2 series
Unique features
Mimaki CF2 series

3D logos, buttons, fashion accessories (belts), ID cards, operation panels, gasket for in between machine parts, packaging materials, POS displays, printed circuit boards, signboards and display materials, toys and more…

Suitable cutting materials

Channel board, coated board for packaging, corrugated fibreboard (E to A corrugation), industrial sheet rubber (max. 3 mm), paste board, pattern happort, plastic corrugated fibre board, reflective sheet, sandblast rubber, styrene board, teflon (1-5 mm), vinyl, vinyl chloride for packaging, vinyl chloride sheet for signboard and more…

  • 2 year warranty