Duplo DC-618 DocuCutter

Smart and professional solution for flatbed cutting, creasing or perforating

The fully automated DC-618 Slitter, Cutter, Creaser is Duplo’s compact, yet powerful all-in-one finishing solution designed for today’s digital printer. With the ability to process up to 6 slits, 30 cuts and 20 creases in one pass, the DC-618 delivers full-bleed applications up to 23 sheets per minute without the white borders and toner cracking for a clean finish.

Automated flexibility for optimized results

The DC-618 is equipped with rotary blades, a cleaver and a depth-adjustable creasing bar, which, along with hole-punching and longitudinal-creasing options, provide the versatility of multiple finishing machines in one integrated system.

Automatic prepress and finishing with EFI Fiery Print Services

Save up to 70% in setup time by automating job preparation and eliminating manual data entry with Fiery Impose® in Fiery Driven™ printing environments. Use Duplo Impose templates for Fiery Impose that match the finishing templates on the DC618, or create custom layout jobs on the PC controller, import into Fiery Impose and instantly preview the finish lines to verify job designs before printing. This integration provides time-saving workflows, reduces errors and accelerates turnaround times.

Automatic barcode and registration mark scanner

Using the built-in CCD, the machine can read the printed barcode, the DC-618 can select the job from memory, recall it. The machine will set itself automatically, reducing changeover time and avoiding errors. In this way, varied tasks can be loaded and executed automatically while the operator performs other tasks. This automation is complemented by a second function of the CCD to read a printed registration mark and compensates for any horizontal and vertical movement in the image, so you always get an accurate finish.

Speed21-up (7×3) Business cards/sheet 9,2 sheets/min. 550 sheets/uur 4 x A6 Greeting Cards Cards/sheet 12,5 sheets/min. 750 sheets/hour 8 x A6 Postcards/sheet 12,8 sheets/min. 760 sheets/hour 1 x A3 Brochure/sheet 16 sheets/min. 960 sheets/hour
Paper size (input) W: 210 to 330,5 mm, L: 210 to 1.000 mm*
Minimal finished size W: 48mm x L: 50mm
Tolerance ± 0,3 mm
Finished paper sizes W: 48mm x L: 50mm (45mm**)
Stacker capacity 100mm (40mm business cards)
Paper weights 110 – 400 gr.
Slits Up to 6 per sheet
Cuts 30 per sheet
Creasing 20 per sheet
Memory 250 jobs when using the control panel, unlimited when using the PC controller
Standard features Air knife, card stacker, fan registration, automatic gutter-slit deflectors, crease depth and width adjustment, ultrasonic double-sheet detection, CCD scanner, PC controller software, extended paper input and output, LCD control panel
Options PC & PC Fixing Arm, Side Air Entry, Punch Module, Rotary Tool Module, Cross Punch Module, Outfeed Conveyor/Stacker
Power connection and consumption 230V AC, 50/60Hz, 1.1A. 250W
*The length is 750 mm when using a standard long paper feed tray.