Efi Fiery Central

Fiery Central is a powerful, comprehensive, PDF-based production workflow solution. It offers a toolset with Fiery Central Flow and/or Balance™ that automates repetitive tasks, customizes workflows and intelligently routes jobs for output enabling printers to process more jobs more efficiently. And, when the pressure is really on, users have the option to add single engines plus enhanced workflow and load balancing.

Features & benefits

Reducing costs by simplifying processes remains the best way for printing businesses to increase their margins.

Manufacturers of mid‐to‐high volume digital printing engines know that server‐based, operator‐centric software solutions help end users reduce the costs associated with the end‐to‐end manufacture of complex digitally printed documents.

Fiery Central responds to the urgent demand for extensive automation, management and transparency of production print workflows. Fiery Central offers an integrated, server-based PDF workflow suite for input and output management. It builds on the proven benefits of EFI solutions in color production printing workflows: process management, a centralized operator interface, final stage document editing, intelligent routing, load balancing and error recovery.

Fiery Central enables digital print users to harness technology, synchronize complex internal processes to satisfy customer expectations, and control those processes to reduce costs, shorten turn‐around times and drive bottom line profits.

Fiery Central Flow

Fiery Central Balance