Mimaki TxF300-75
Mimaki TxF300-75
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Mimaki TxF150-75

DTF, short for ‘Direct-to-Film’ is a printing technique that is gaining rapid adoption in the Textile & Apparel industry and is expected to significantly increase its share in the apparel decoration segment. DTF has some significant advantages over existing technologies as it can be heat-pressed onto a wide range of fabrics as well as being suitable for full-colour and detailed designs, ideal for small runs whilst offering good washability.

The all new TxF Series, including the recently released TxF300-75 and TxF150-75, are Mimaki’s first DTF (Direct-to-Film) printers. Packed with Mimaki technology, they have been designed to overcome the common ink ejection and ink sedimentation issues of current DTF printers in the market. Using genuine Mimaki heat transfer pigment ink, which acquired ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification, it assures skin friendly printing at the highest image quality. This unique combination ensures a highly reliable and stable DTF print workflow, and is combined with Mimaki’s guaranteed ongoing service and after purchase support.

INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW TxF300-75 – While both printers in the series offer the same superior Mimaki technology, the recently released TxF300-75, with 2 staggered printheads, delivers new levels of productivity with speeds up to 3x faster than the TxF150-75 (one printhead), helping to expand opportunities in the market.

Aluminium ink pack
Degassed ink packs

A common issue with current DTF printers in the market occurs when air inside the ink bottle reaches the print head, causing ejection issues.

Mimaki Oeko-Tex certified
Heat transfer pigment ink

Mimaki inks PHT50 are OEKO-TEX® certified. ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® is a mechanism by which textile chemical suppliers demonstrate that their products are suitable to print skin-friendly clothing and other textiles for end users. This certificate therefore constitutes an important decision-making element when purchasing inks for textile production.

Designed to produce DTF transfer sheets

For the productiong of logos, images, labels, and personalisation to be placed on the chest, front, back, sleeves and inside of T-shirts, hoodies, work clothing, as well as promotional items including bags and caps.

Mimaki TxF Technical data
Adkins Inline 800 DTF Powder Shaker Care Unit

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TxF serie…
  • Highly reliable and stable DTF workflow
  • Degassed ink packs for constant image quality
  • White ink circulation to prevent sedimentation
  • Combined with Mimaki’s PHT50 pigment inks and Rasterlink 7 RIP software
  • 1 year warranty