Adkins Inline 800 v1.5

The Adkins Inline 800 DTF powder shaker cure unit is the perfect solution for high-volume roll to roll DTF production. With its large 800mm wide capacity, low operating power, ease of use & fast curing times, the Inline 800 will meet your production demands without compromising quality or reliability.

Featuring a powerful shaker that ensures even distribution of powder across DTF roll films of all sizes up to 800mm in width. The unit also features high-efficiency curing lamps that cure powder quickly and evenly, resulting in high-quality prints that last. Easy to operate & maintain with it’s intuitive touch screen control panel, easy access for cleaning and built-in filtration unit. Compatible with a wide range of DTF roll to roll printers, making it a versatile and reliable solution for any DTF production environment.

Adkins Inline 800 technical data
Adkins Inline 800
  • l Large 800mm wide media feed and cure area
  • Low operating power consumption with removeable standard UK/EU plug
  • Either automatic or manual operation settings
  • l Built in filtration meaning no extraction required
  • l Funnelled powder distribution for even dusting*
  • Excess powder catch trays for quick recycling ensuring efficiency
  • l Media feed & powder applicator sensors
  • l Low powder warning light
  • l Media suction control with pre-heat settings
  • Reverse belt mode to eradicate rippling and maintain high quality transfer
  • l Smart media take-up unit
  • l Finished print cooling fans allow for immediate handling