Mimaki UJV100-160Plus

Mimaki UJV100-160Plus Print Only

The “UJV100-160Plus” has the basic functions of the conventional “UJV100-160” with three additional functions to expand the range of applications for customers, reduce running costs, and improve work efficiency.

Three additional functions
  1. Ink saving function to reduce running costs
    Reduces ink consumption by up to 50% while maintaining the color balance of the printed design. Ink reduction levels can be set with simple operations of print software “RasterLink7”, so there is no need for specialized knowledge or equipment for color adjustment.
  2. Maximum 3-layer printing function to expand the range of applications
    The “pull-back printing function”, which pulls back the printed substrate for follow-up printing, supports up to three-layer printing. Conventional printers support up to two-layers printing, but it was necessary to determine whether to print white to colors or colors to white when the printer was installed. The UJV100-160Plus has a newly added pull-back printing function that enables printing of both methods regardless of the ink color array.
  3. Seamless linkage with Mimaki’s cutting plotter improves work efficiency
    Conventional labels and stockers are produced by printing on a substrate and then using our cutting software ”Finecut9”. And output the cut data. Now, it is possible to output cut data directly from “RasterLink7” to Mimaki cutting plotter “CG-AR series”, improving the work efficiency of operators in cutting operations. This enables linking of printing and cutting even if the output PC does not have design software.
Features Mimaki UJV100-160Plus
Mimaki wrapped bus
Designed to produce a wide range of materials and applications

Backlit and window signage, labels, floor stickers, canvas, wallpaper and more…

  • 2 year warranty