Neolt Manual Trim Plus manual trimmer

Neolt Manual Trim Plus

De Neolt Manual Trim Plus is a reliable and innovative manual cutter, with strong lateral iron shoulders and equipped with a square sliding bar that guarantees a precise cut up to a thickness of 1,2 mm. The Trim Plus comes delivered with a reinforced cutting head in hardened steel, a fixed blade in painted stainless steel mounted on a string ball bearing carriage.

Max. cutting thickness 1,2mm 1,2mm 1,2mm 1,2mm 1,2mm
Cutting length 100cm 130cm 150cm 200cm 250cm
Length 124cm 154cm 174cm 224cm 274cm
Width 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm
Height with stand 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm
Height working table 87cm 87cm 87cm 87cm 87cm
Weight 16,3kg 17,1kg 17,6kg 20,2kg 25,2kg