Ricoh Pro C7500

Ricoh Pro™ C7500

As the successor to the RICOH Pro™ C7200/x series, the RICOH Pro C7500 uses the same special color toners from Ricoh, such as white, transparent, invisible red, gold and silver. New built-in neon color profiles automatically add neon yellow and neon pink to expand the color range for a rich and brilliant color palette.

Features & advantages

In the fast-paced world of commercial printing, time is money. From brochures to banners and packaging, your clients demand rapid, high quality results. The RICOH Pro C7500 is a game changer. Operating at an impressive speed, and transitioning seamlessly between projects, it delivers real world gains. Setup is a breeze, and with its exceptional mixed media handling capabilities, productive performance is assured.

Embrace the extraordinary with the RICOH Pro C7500

In the realm of transformative business possibilities, moments of true innovation are rare. The RICOH Pro C7500 presents you with the chance to seize that pivotal moment, rise above the ordinary, and propel your business toward unparalleled growth. Our cutting-edge digital press isn’t just a colour production printer; it’s your gateway to boundless potential. This adaptable press doesn’t merely handle regular four colour work with panache; it embraces the extraordinary. With creativity at its core, it accommodates specialty printing. With the fifth colour option, you can enhance your creations using specialist colours like shimmering silver, opulent gold, and vibrant neons, injecting a surge of impact that transcends the ordinary.

Ricoh Pro C7500 water
Quality and performance that transcend expectations

Stunning quality redefines print excellence. Enhance your clients’ marketing materials and packaging with the RICOH Pro C7500. This state of the art digital press consistently delivers print of the highest offset quality. Ricoh’s advanced VCSEL imaging technology and PxP toner brings artwork to life in stunning 2,400 x 4,800 dpi resolution. Harnessing its wide colour gamut to faithfully replicate client palettes, Ricoh’s ultra-fine toner produces smoothly rendered, life like colours.

  • Produce stunning digital content with an offset look and feel.
  • Advanced VCSEL imaging technology delivers best in class resolution.
  • Reliable duplex printing with accurate front-to-back registration.
  • Low melt toner reduces energy costs and broadens media horizons.
  • Vivid lifelike colours, smooth tonal gradation and fine lines.
Ricoh Pro C7500 air balloons
Streamline with Fiery integration

Ricoh’s new user interface enables Ricoh and Fiery applications to be managed via the same unified command centre. Choose from two powerful Fiery controllers, both driven by Fiery FS500 Pro software for superior performance. Ricoh’s Graphic Communications Operating System streamlines setup, enhancing productivity. Effortlessly supervise production with Ricoh’s remote browser utility.

  • Super-sized touchscreen panel with intuitive operating system.
  • Choice of two powerful Fiery FS500 Pro controllers.
  • Common interface for Ricoh and Fiery applications.
  • Advanced features streamline processes and boost productivity.
  • Browser utility enables operators to oversee multiple devices.
Reimagine colours and ignite creativity.

Imagine a new creative reality. Seize the power to transform and captivate with Ricoh’s innovative fifth colour option. Explore new spectra. Introduce silver, gold, neon yellow, neon pink, white, clear, and invisible red. Embrace the freedom to switch colours and incorporate different effects. Imagine pearlescent hues overlaid with a clear varnish, or vibrant neons heightened with a white underlay. It’s a glimpse of what’s achievable. Explore the limitless possibilities today.

Ricoh Pro C7500
  • Our speciality colours add impact and appeal to print.
  • Easily switch colours and incorporate different effects.
  • Create stunning effects by combining gold and silver with CMYK.
  • Expand your colour gamut with vibrant neons.
  • Add a white underlay and accentuate designs with a clear varnish.