Ricoh Pro™ C7200sx / C7210sx

Ricoh Pro™ C7200sx / C7210sx

Grow your business with a game-changing digital press. Pursue profitable growth with an affordable, innovative colour digital press. The Pro C7200sx Series delivers superb image quality, oversized print options and diverse media choices. The 5th Colour Station lets you go beyond CMYK to produce unique, compelling materials that can command premium prices. Advanced workflows and performance-enhancing capabilities help you fulfil demanding deadlines while keeping operational costs low.

Features & advantages

The Pro C7200sx Series are Ricoh’s innovative product offerings to enable your business to stand out in the crowd and be able to grow and expand your print opportunitues. With the addition of the 5th colour station, you can add extra impact to your print, whether adding a clear varnish to accentuate designs, printing white directly onto coloured media or using invisible red for entry level security applications, neon yellow and neon pink to create greater impact for print and to extend the colour gamut. The range of applications in limited only by imagination. Enhanced options expand more inline professional application capabilities.

Stand out from the crowd

You need to stand out from the crowd to be able to grow and expand your business. You need innovation, high quality and productivity with great value. The Ricoh Pro C7200sx Series has all this and much more. Combining high productivity with high quality, these new models also handle up to five speciality colours, boosting your special effects capabilities so you’re perfectly positioned to expand your business. Every model in the Ricoh Pro C7200sx Series is a single-unit powerhouse, designed to meet the market’s ever changing needs and open up new business possibilities.

Transforming your printing possibilities with fifth colour

Add extra value to your print services with fifth colour and add impact to your print. Whether it’s a clear varnish to accentuate designs, white as an undercoat or a security code that can only be seen under ultraviolet light, add impact to your offerings. Ricoh’s colour range now includes white, clear, neon yellow, neon pink and invisible red. To stretch imaginations, you can also switch colour stations, to add further impact to your print work. Imagine one job being able to include both white and clear for example.

  • Fifth colour adds impact, appeal and value to commercial print.
  • Use a clear varnish to add a watermark or accentuate a graphic design.
  • Print a white background directly on coloured and translucent media.
  • Invisible red toner can be used for entry level security print applications such as ticketing.
  • White + CMYK can be printed in a single pass enhancing impact on coloured media and increasing productivity.

Outstanding image quality

Ricoh’s production presses produce repeatable colour output with a look and feel that is comparable to offset – with no compromise on quality. The imaging system employs VCSEL technology (vertical cavity surface emitting lasers), ultra-fine PxP chemical toner and an oil-less fusing system to produce a beautifully rendered output. The PxP toner has a wide colour gamut, enabling the printers to produce vivid lifelike colours with smooth tonal gradation.

  • Print quality that is comparable to offset.
  • Vivid lifelike colours, smooth tonal gradation and fine lines.
  • Low toner pile height minimises glossiness.
  • Precise front/back registration with added automatic quality control.
Extensive media support
  • Pro C7200sx Series supports media weights of 52 to 360gsm.
  • Gloss and matt coated offset media, textured card and carbonless paper.
  • Extensive onboard media library contains settings for a variety of branded media.
  • New media management tool (MMT) allows settings to be shared between devices.