HP HD Pro 2 Scanner

HP HD Pro 2 scanner
Produce high-quality results in HD with CCD scanning technology

Reproduce everything from technical documents to images and even damaged originals with CCD scanning technology.

Copyshop with HP HD Pro 2 scanner

Continue. Scan in HD regardless of the condition of the original. Produce scans up to 1.067 mm (42 in) and 1.200 dpi, even on thick media. Easily scan to different destinations and deliver excellent results with CCD scanning technology.

Man working with a HP HD Pro 2 scanner
Speed ​​up

This HD scanner offers very fast scanning and processing speeds. Extensive functionality to work more productively, ideal in demanding production environments.

HP HD Pro 2 scanner in office surrounding

Work effectively with a seamless, secure workflow. This scanner integrates perfectly with HP printers, making the complete solution easier to maintain. No need to transfer prints thanks to the handy touchscreen. Protect your workflow with advanced security features.

Working area with a HP HD Pro 2 scanner

Ideal for GIS professionals, repro houses and enterprise CRDs who want to scan and copy documents in high definition.