New Ricoh Pro™ C9500 to unlock expanded revenue streams and operational efficiency for commercial printers


Edwin Breemes

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3 August 2023

Ricoh, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, August 2, 2023 – Ricoh is empowering commercial printers to expand revenue streams and enhance operational efficiency with the next generation Ricoh Pro C9500 digital colour sheetfed press.

Ricoh Pro C9500 production printer
Next generation Ricoh Pro C9500 has been enhanced with performance improving technologies

The evolution of the highly popular Ricoh Pro™ C9200 has been enhanced with performance improving technologies designed to elevate productivity and quality, while simplifying operations and expanding application opportunities. It has improved efficiency and automation while developing greater labour savings throughout the entire workflow. Collectively they support cost control, business expansion, and free up time for other tasks. The flagship toner-based press has also been developed to enable commercial specialists to further accelerate their analogue to digital transition or confidently upgrade their Print on Demand-oriented digital capabilities. The newly developed Ricoh GC OS (Graphic Communications Operating System) engine controller has introduced operational and maintenance management improvements. It includes a larger screen with an intuitive and easy to use user interface and is compatible with external diagnostic systems and maintenance programmes. Users can access the printer from a PC or tablet, and settings can be remotely managed, saving time, even in a multi-skilled environment where printing operators perform numerous tasks. Greater automation and operational efficiency are powered by the new Auto Color Diagnosis Unit that automates the three critical inspections in commercial printing: quality, registration, and colour fluctuation. It delivers improved inspection accuracy; while there is now greater efficiency post inspection with automatic reprinting and purging functions, and the setting procedure is now easier to operate with seven detection levels to choose from.


Other features and enhancements include:

Simon Isaacs, National Director, Ricoh UK Graphic Communications Group, says: “I believe the launch of the new Pro C9500 represents a leap forward in the evolution of production technology and is designed to enable print providers to expand their production reach. Its capabilities will enable our clients to maximise their business effectiveness and return on investment through a range of value-added software options, including Ricoh TotalFlow Supervisor™, Ricoh TotalFlow Production Manager and Ricoh FusionPro.” “Let’s not forget that the Pro C9500 also incorporates proven technologies introduced on the Ricoh Pro C9200 which is the leading model in its category. These include VCSEL technology (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser), DEMS (Development Electric-field Modulation System), fusing belt smoothing roller, DSC (Dynamic Shading Correction), registration adjustment, and inline sensor system.”

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